Activities to Explore in Minneapolis during Spring

Fun, unique activities out of the comfort zone


Eva Berezovsky

Breaking out of comfort zones can be hard, shown here are some activities to do in Minneapolis outside of many people’s comfort zone.

Nadia Lee and Nora Fox

Although April and May can be a stressful time for students with the culmination of AP exams, finals, and end-of-year assignments, spring is a great time to take advantage of the warm weather outdoors and escape the pressures of schoolwork. From city parks and gardens to yoga and fitness classes, Minneapolis offers many opportunities to get out of comfort zones.

The Commons, located in East Town Minneapolis, is the “downtown oasis” and a great place to connect with community, friends, and family. From the barre, yoga, and kickboxing classes to lawn games, concerts, and movies, The Commons offers an expanse of exciting activities to fill spring and summer calendars. Additionally, The Commons hosts a farmer’s market throughout the summer months filled with tasty, local foods. Operated by Green Minneapolis, The Commons is an eco-friendly city park built to foster community and support the environment.

Instead of walking around indoors, the Perennial-Annual Gardens near Lake Harriet offer a great space to take a stroll or have a picnic. In the spring, when the flowers start to bloom it provides a great place to take some spectacular photos. The surrounding trees and benches also yield a space to relax and take a break from the fast pace of city life.

Peavey Plaza, located on Nicollet Mall, is the perfect place to meet a friend or relax and recharge. Teeming with beautiful fountains and greenery, live music, and other special events, Peavey Plaza is a great new destination.

One new and exciting place to visit outside of many people’s comfort zones is the Aviary in Minnetonka, the only studio in the United States that offers aerial and bungee fitness classes. The classes have either aerial hammocks which improve flexibility or bungees with a full-body cardio workout. The studio strives to improve confidence and have fun, so instead of simply going to the gym, consider trying out this unique style of exercise!

Stepping out of comfort zones, although it may feel scary, allows for new experiences and can create lasting memories. When in need of a break from studying and preparing for exams, these activities offer a great way to connect with the community, support the environment, and are a great opportunity to try something new.