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Advisory Activities Spark Opposition

October 15, 2019

Advisories are supposed to be fun, relaxing environments where students can build connections with one another. However, many students feel as though forced advisory activities ruin the fun.  This year, advisories are doing forced activities every week, and students are not happy about it. Melanie Su...

Activities to Explore in Minneapolis during Spring

Activities to Explore in Minneapolis during Spring

Nadia Lee and Nora Fox

April 22, 2019

Although April and May can be a stressful time for students with the culmination of AP exams, finals, and end-of-year assignments, spring is a great time to take advantage of the warm weather outdoors and escape the pressures of schoolwork. From city parks and gardens to yoga and fitness classes, Mi...

Doing activities for joy

Doing activities for joy

Michael Malecha, Staff Writer

March 5, 2015

As students progress further into high school, the looming gates of college and the world beyond home draw nearer and become more powerful as each day passes. Students undeniably have always and will continue to take specific classes, participate in specific extracurricular activities, and shape their...

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