Advisory Activities Spark Opposition

Advisories are supposed to be fun, relaxing environments where students can build connections with one another. However, many students feel as though forced advisory activities ruin the fun. 

This year, advisories are doing forced activities every week, and students are not happy about it. Melanie Sun ‘21 is not a fan of long activities or surveys. She explains, “When we have to complete a long survey […] we really just want to sit there and eat food and talk or listen to music or put on Netflix, not filling out a form about how we feel or how junior year is going. We would rather just spend time relaxing than doing something that involves mental activity.” 

Advisory activities are supposed to foster connections and create an opportunity for students to learn about themselves; however, this is not the case. Hannah Jessop ‘20 thinks, “They [Forced activities] aren’t as beneficial as they think they are versus just like bonding with your advisory or chilling is maybe less stressful.” Students don’t want advisory to feel like another class.

Advisory is one of the few moments in our day where we can relax and hang out. These moments are precious in the life of a busy student and should not be wasted with useless surveys or questionnaires.