Summer Encourages Exploration

Increased free time leads to an uptick in adventures

For many, summer is the perfect opportunity to erase the thought of school from their mind and dive into fun and exciting activities. These activities can range from camps, clubs, organizations, jobs, or time spent relaxing and waking up late. However, some students knocked a few things off their bucket list during the summer.

Cole Matthews ‘20 “tried having an actual job in a restaurant as a dishwasher.” This might not seem like the most exhilarating activity, but, as a rising senior, Cole explains “I enjoyed getting paid…I have a new motivation to go to college.”

On the more thrill seeking side of things, Jackson Lagos ‘22 tried iFly, which is a skydiving facility that mimics what it feels like to skydive…but inside. Jackson recommends this experience because it’s not a “typical activity you see people doing everyday.”

Minnesota is, obviously, home to some wonderful lakes, so it isn’t a surprise that some students dipped their toes in the water. Eliot Mitchell ‘21 tried wakesurfing. Mitchell emphasized, “it was fun because I released a lot of endorphins. It was hard and challenging, but I would recommend this for sure.”

Another water-lover, Eli Daniel ‘22, took a road trip up to Saint Cloud, Minnesota and “cliff jumped at the Quarries.” Daniel made it obvious that he enjoyed this activity and would encourage other students to try something that seems a bit scary like this.