Construction challenges Changing Room for Student Athletes

Lack of space for athletes to change due to distance from parking lots


Habon Samatar

Construction at the Middle School makes the Circle off-limits for parking, forcing the activities bus to park by the lower tennis courts.

Mallika Malaviya and Nina Bush

Due to the construction at the middle school campus, parking has been an ongoing struggle for both students and faculty. The after school rush of middle school pickup and upper school students trying to get to fall sports creates chaos at the end of the day. 

Emily Melin ‘20, a varsity tennis player, has found that the delays have changed in the past year depending on where she parks.  Melin used to park in the Aamoth parking lot, but shifted to parking in the lower lot due to a lack of space. She said that, “We would always race to get a spot before everyone else who was arriving for practice. The lower lot is a lot easier to park than Aamoth.”

She says that, “there hasn’t been delays around parking at the lower lot.” She has also found that the larger issue with parking in the lower lot by field 4 and the lower courts is that there aren’t enough bathrooms near the lower lot for people to use or change in.”

 Due to many students shifting to the lower lot to avoid parking at the Aamoth lot, there are huge lines of people waiting to change in the two bathrooms down by the baseball fields. 

Sophia Vezmar ‘22 agrees with the bathroom issues caused by the middle school construction. “It’s been hard to get into the bathrooms because so many people are trying to go and it takes forever, especially if you are trying to get to a sport there needs to be more bathrooms out here.” 

Ishan Khurana ‘22 feels that the new construction has decreased the amount of time he has to get ready for Cross Country, “it takes super long to change and get ready.” Overall, it appears that the new issues created at the middle school are not from the construction itself, but from the lack of accommodations for Blake student athletes who now have trouble changing in time for their sports.