The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

Nina Bush ‘22 says, “I’m excited about seeing people again but a little worried about [COVID-19] and managing the workload since I’ve gotten so used to the off days where I have the time to sleep in and get all my work done.”

Full In-Person Concerns Community

Lucy Wolfe, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

On March 8, head of upper school, Anne Stavney informed the community that the middle school and upper school campuses would be returning to fully in person instruction starting April 19th. When asked...

School’s Slower Pace

Nina Bush, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

The past year has brought many schedules, quick changes in what used to be everyday life, and much uncertainty. Despite this, the one thing that has stayed constant in the past year is the slower pace...

Students have noticed shorter wait times during lunch, despite the lack of staggered release times from first semester.

Hybrid 2.0 Brings Shorter Lunch Lines, New Opinions on Menu Emerge

Nina Bush, Staff Writer February 24, 2021

With the new HTLP 2.0 schedule, the lunch block has undergone various changes.  Under the first schedule, different classes, depending on the department, would go down to lunch at different times in an...

Due to the pandemic, home gyms are becoming increasingly more important.

Innovative Exercises, Ideas to Add into Your At-Home Workout Routine

Nina Bush , Staff Writer January 27, 2021

Cardio: During Remote Teaching and Learning (RTLP) in the spring, I used to wake up early and run two-three miles every morning, but I have found that challenging to maintain this year. Now, I like to...

Students often do classes and homework in the same spot. This lack of movement can make it difficult to concentrate and focus.

RTLP Causes Mental Health to Deteriorate

Nina Bush, Staff Writer December 17, 2020

Last year's remote learning taught me the value of learning in-person and made me appreciate the little things about school, like side conversations at the start of class, seeing people in the halls, getting...

STEM Classes Create Tighter Bond Than Humanities Classes

Nina Bush, Staff Writer December 7, 2020

STEM courses go beyond the typical talkative nature in the first 5 minutes of class, producing strong bonds between students. The root of this is in the way that Blake structures its courses, as well as...

Changing Perspective on HTLP

Nina Bush, Contributing Writer October 3, 2020

     During a time with so much uncertainty, it is easy to focus on the negative aspects of student life and school during COVID-19. However, it is essential to think about the positive aspects of hybrid...

Construction at the Middle School makes the Circle off-limits for parking, forcing the activities bus to park by the lower tennis courts.

Construction challenges Changing Room for Student Athletes

Mallika Malaviya and Nina Bush October 14, 2019

Due to the construction at the middle school campus, parking has been an ongoing struggle for both students and faculty. The after school rush of middle school pickup and upper school students trying to...

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