Innovative Exercises, Ideas to Add into Your At-Home Workout Routine

What goes into a successful workout?


Nina Bush

Due to the pandemic, home gyms are becoming increasingly more important.

Nina Bush , Staff Writer

Cardio: During Remote Teaching and Learning (RTLP) in the spring, I used to wake up early and run two-three miles every morning, but I have found that challenging to maintain this year. Now, I like to rotate between three different treadmill workouts. The first is to do 25 minutes of running at a pace that is challenging, but maintainable (starting lower and working your way up is important to prevent injury). I also like to do faster running for ten minutes, then walk for five, run for ten, and walk for ten to cool down. On days when I am feeling less motivated, I have found that simply walking for any period of time help keep me from sitting all day, especially if I Facetime someone while I walk. Additionally, walking at a slow pace with an incline is also a great workout.   

Lower Body: Workout One: This workout consists of five one minute wall sits, five 45 second glute bridge holds, and five 30 second leg lift holds per leg. To do a leg lift hold, sit against a wall with your legs flat out in front of you. Then, keeping your back against the wall and one leg on the ground, lift the other up and hold about six inches above the ground. Then switch legs.

Workout two: This workout consists of 20 reps of single leg squats per leg, 30 bridges, 15 single leg bridges per leg, 1 minute of ski jumpers, 25 squat jumps. End with two one minute square holds.

Core: “The Three Thousand”: This workout consists of 3,000 total reps of five core exercises over two days: crunches, toe touches, in and outs, Russian twists, and leg raises. My recommendation for executing this is to do 300 reps of one exercise and then do 300 of another to eventually  do 1,500 reps. Then, repeat this the next day.  If you can’t do one of the movements, you can also substitute in or add in leg workouts. The other way you can do this is to do the one through 24 method. This means that you do one rep of each of the five workouts and then do two and then do three and so on until you get to 24 reps. You could also do the reverse and start with 24 reps and work your way down to just one rep.