Hybrid 2.0 Brings Shorter Lunch Lines, New Opinions on Menu Emerge

Students see lunch improvements


Betsy Fries

Students have noticed shorter wait times during lunch, despite the lack of staggered release times from first semester.

Nina Bush, Staff Writer

With the new HTLP 2.0 schedule, the lunch block has undergone various changes.  Under the first schedule, different classes, depending on the department, would go down to lunch at different times in an effort to reduce the time students spent in line. Despite these efforts, long lines formed and students would have to wait a long time before heading into their 60-minute lunch block.

 Now, lunch has been shortened to 45 minutes and students have noticed that lines are much shorter. As Cynthia Lyman ’24 explains, “I definitely like that they’re not making us wait anymore, like 15 minutes… lunch has been great… it’s a great experience.”

She also has not felt a negative impact with the shorter lunch time, but has noticed the impact of switching between so many different schedules and explains how many of her peers have not fully realized that the timing and schedule have shifted: “I didn’t really notice the change to the shorter lunch but I have noticed that people have been coming to my class after lunch a little late because they were confused about the schedule.”

Leon Xue ’22 noticed similar benefits to the new schedule saying, “I haven’t actually waited in a line for more than 5-10 minutes which is a massive improvement since the first semester…whatever line system that they have has worked.”

Many students have noticed that the green group has had more of the student favored meals. Xue, who switched from green group to blue group in January says, “I definitely think that green group is getting the better lunches because they had chicken tenders and then nachos back to back which is just crazy… arguably the two best lunches of the year but [I] definitely do think that they are getting the better lunches.”

Despite these changes, it appears that the student body overall has actually enjoyed the hybrid lunch variations more than the pre-COVID-19 lunch schedule. Before the pandemic, many students had to share chairs and didn’t have lunch with their friends, making it hard to fully enjoy the meal.

According to Xue, “Overall, I think [hybrid lunches are] better because there is always enough room for your friends to sit together and socialize but I do think that there are certain restrictions like being able to leave the gym… that make it a little bit… less fun, but there is totally enough time to socialize.”