Go Grab A Book!

Sara Richardson, Managing Editor

     I want the trend of reading for fun to come back. Sadly, I forgot what it is like to go to a bookstore, pick out the novel of my choice, and just read. With school, sports, and other extracurricular activities, it seems like there is no time to sit down and read without annotating or thinking about my next essay topic. 

     Reading went from something I did non-stop to something that I didn’t have time for and simply wasn’t fun. When I do have extra spare time, I find myself watching a movie or a new show on Netflix. I don’t find myself wanting to read at night as it sounds too exhausting. After reading 20 pages of my A.P. Government textbook and another 30 pages of James Joyce, I don’t want to have to look at another page full of words.  

     But reading has more benefits, it’s good for our brains, expands our vocabulary, and still provides an escape just like any TV show or movie. The Expert Editor conducted a study showing that reading before bed builds a heightened connectivity in the left temporal cortex. This is the part of the brain connected with language and intelligence. So in short, reading is active. It might take a little bit more work than watching a Netflix show, but it is worth it. One can always choose an easier read after a long night of work.   

    Over the years, I have made a list of books I want to enjoy, but that list is over fifty. I cannot seem to bring myself to read anything besides what is mandatory. But I urge everyone, myself included, to go to the library at school or your local bookstore to find a book for spring break. With no homework and two weeks of nothing, it is a perfect time to cuddle up and remember what it is like reading for fun.