Amazon’s New Gaming Service Surprises Many

Unique features set it apart, excites streaming communities


Christopher Chen, Staff Writer

Amazon just recently announced a groundbreaking new software concept called Luna. Rather than having to spend more time trying to download content and games, Luna makes it possible for individuals to play games without downloading anything.

As long as the individual has a consistent internet connection, the amount of fun is limitless. The company has con- firmed that the software will contain more than 70 of the most popular games from the past few years.

Amazon has gone one step further than any other gaming service by making Luna a public streaming service that allows users to use any devices to play online games at the same time.

For instance, Luna is fully compatible with any connections between TV, smartphones, computers, and even tablets. However, with great gaming, comes a great price. Amazon Prime members will still have to pay as much as a non-member, which can deter customers.

It starts off with a $5.99 per month subscription, meaning around $72 per year. For those who would enjoy the full experience, it will cost a little more than $50 to receive their Amazon controller.

The controller comes with Alexa and Bluetooth and USB connectivity. It also directly connects to the cloud, reducing lag by 20 to 30 milliseconds.

Erin Lee ‘22 says, “I had never heard of it before but it sounds interesting as it is very different from anything I have heard of before.”

In the upcoming months, the software will become much more widely popular and it ultimately offers a glimpse into what the future of gaming and electronic entertainment will look like.