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Amazon's New Gaming Service Surprises Many

Amazon’s New Gaming Service Surprises Many

Unique features set it apart, excites streaming communities
Christopher Chen, Staff Writer December 7, 2020

Amazon just recently announced a groundbreaking new software concept called Luna. Rather than having to spend more time trying to download content and games, Luna makes it possible for individuals to play...

Why is Weather so Incredibly Unpredictable?

Why is Weather so Incredibly Unpredictable?

Climate change, other factors cause inconsistent weather
Allyson Jay, Staff Writer December 7, 2020

     The majority of people use weather apps and forecasts every day to follow the weather, but these forecasts almost always end up wrong. This causes everyone to question the accuracy and science...

Stock market tracker apps are used by many to monitor their stocks easily and efficiently.

Stock Market Begins to Recover After Record Lows

After taking a toll due to the pandemic, the stock market is on the rise
Christopher Chen, Contributing Writer November 6, 2020

In light of President Trump recently contracting the COVID-19 virus, many concerns and questions have been raised on whether or not the stock market would significantly rise or fall as an important actor...

Lillygreen uses a muted colors aesthetic to customize her home screen with the help of the iOS update.

iOS 14 Update for iPhones

What's new?
Allyson Jay, Contributing Writer November 6, 2020

Apple has recently released a new and major iOS update, iOS 14. This current update allows everyone to customize and redesign their home screen for the first time, along with many other additional features....

Shift Towards Privacy in Social Media Ensures Healthy Future

Shift Towards Privacy in Social Media Ensures Healthy Future

Social media not harmful just because new
Anderson Blum, Science, Technology & Health Editor March 14, 2019

In little over a decade, social media has gone from a group of various technological experiments to domination of the United States and many other countries. Modern children live in a completely different...

Social Media Alienates, Harms Mental Health

Social Media Alienates, Harms Mental Health

As the most vulnerable, teens need to make more purposeful consumption decisions
Yeukai Zimbwa, Contributing Writer March 14, 2019

Hello! Good Morning! How are you? I’m fine. For human beings, performing is a part of life: automated responses, scripted small-talk, pseudo-conversations about the weather while passing in the hallways....



Increase in screen time, social media use fuels debate over healthy balance
Nadia Lee, News Editor March 14, 2019

The ubiquity of personal smartphones raises growing concerns, specifically amongst young people. According to a Common Sense Media (CSM) study, since 2011, the amount of time spent on cell phones has increased...

Conversation with Faculty

Looking into the lives of important members of our community
Eva Berezovsky, Alyssa Story, and Anderson Blum December 21, 2018


A conversation with Shenelle Haines

A conversation with Shenelle Haines

Yoga instructor, advisor, tech genius, how does she do it?
Alyssa Story, Managing Editor December 20, 2018

After spending more than two years as a part of the Upper School Tech squad, Shenelle Haines has become an integral part of the community. Through technology troubleshooting, Sophomore advising, and yoga...

Scooters on the move

Scooters on the move

Electric scooters available for purchase, rental in Minneapolis
Jonah Halper, Contributing Writer November 2, 2018

Bird along with Lime, Skip, and Spin, are some of the leading companies for scooter rental. Bird, on their mobile app, describes the scooters as something that you can use for "your work commute, across...

The newly renovated library is the home base for the school's tech staff

Becoming tech warriors

The library staff tells all
Anneliese Moore, Managing Editor December 11, 2015

Especially for ninth and tenth graders, getting to know the teachers outside of the six or seven classes you meet with four times a week can be difficult. However, many of these teachers who you might...

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