Lack of Structure in Remote Learning Worsens Sleep Schedules

Ryker Kemberling, Contributing Writer

Remote learning has caused us to rearrange our lives for safety, but with this adjustment our sleep schedules and quality of sleep have overall become worse. I myself usually struggle to maintain a regular sleep schedule, however with this schedule I find it more difficult. The biggest reason students like me struggle to get enough sleep is due to the lack of structure and rigidity in our daily lives. Without this complex structure around us we begin procrastinating as well as slowly becoming bored and uninterested in school. 

The largest reason why I have had more difficulty sleeping is due to procrastination. When we go to school, it can be painful to wake up early in the morning after getting very little sleep from hours of homework the night before. The in-person  schedule causes students to lose sleep, but pushes them to do work earlier in return for more sleep. 

When we don’t have a rigid schedule to keep us in place, we assume that we have more time to do work. Because we don’t have to go to school, many people use this extra time to do activities like social media or video games; however, this causes the work to be pushed farther and farther back into the night building a sleep schedule that’s worse than before.

Another reason why sleep schedules have been deteriorating is due to lack of interest in school. Anyone who’s experienced online school understands that learning online isn’t as entertaining or exciting as going to school. Countless hours of sitting on the computer causes students to become distasteful about homework. 

Hours of repetitive work as well as minimal punishment for not turning in work has also caused students to simply not take school as seriously. When students have late or unturned in assignments, they don’t have to face the guilt of confronting their teachers in person. As students care less and less about getting work done, they begin to simply ignore their bedtimes as they no longer need to organize their sleep schedule around schoolwork.