The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum


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New Year’s Resolutions Inspire Optimism Despite the Pandemic

Students gain positive outlooks surrounding new year
Will Rosenblum

New Year’s resolutions look a little different in 2021 than they usually do. Around this time last year, people were committing themselves to goals as they would any other year, but within a few months, those expectations quickly crumbled.

Shira Aronow

This year, many people will take a more realistic approach. With all of the uncertainty from the pandemic, it’s hard to have any sort of predictions for the upcoming year, however, students are still optimistic for what is to come.

Sidney Albright ’24 looks forward to a time where masks and social distancing aren’t required. “I

Bernadette Whitely

want to hang out with more people if itís safe. After last year, I want to make up for the time we lost.” She also has a more positive outlook for the year in general. She comments, “I’m a lot more optimistic than I usually am. Maybe finally something good will happen.”

Amanda Lee Molina ’21 feels that after a year like 2020, her perspective on goals has changed, she states, “I don’t think I’m ever going to go into a year again thinking it’s going to be a better year than the last because it sets up unreal expectations. I’m trying to lower my expectations so I don’t feel disappointed when they donít happen.”

Emily Rotenberg

Lee Molina is also optimistic for the new year to come, she adds, “I’m really hopeful that this summer people our age will start to get vaccinated … I hope that enough people come around to [the vaccine] just so we can sort of go back to normal.”


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Mackenzie Higgins, Editor Emerita
Hi, my name is Mackenzie and I am a senior this year! I have been writing for Spectrum since my freshman year and last semester, I was a Co-Editor-in-Chief along with the Creative Director and the Front Editor. This semester, I'm helping out with the features page. My favorite part of Spectrum is connecting with the school community and working with others in the newsroom. Outside of Spectrum and school, you can find me skiing, watching Criminal Minds, or drinking cold brew.
Will Rosenblum, Editor Emeritus
I started writing for Spectrum my freshman year, and now this is my third year editing. I am Breaking News Section Editor and my favorite part about writing Spectrum articles is doing interviews because it allows me to learn other people's stories.  I play tennis, piano and also make videos for the Spectrum youtube channel.
Emily Rotenberg, Editor Emeritus
Hi! I'm Emily, and I am a senior. I have been writing for Spectrum since my freshman year. Previously I was the Niche News Section Leader as well as News, Student Life, and Food Features Editors! Now I am an Editor Emeritus and I help answer questions from the current editorial staff. My favorite part about Spectrum was being creative while making my page on InDesign. Outside of Spectrum, I enjoy traveling, being adventurous with my friends, and grilled cheese!
Bernadette Whitely, Editor-in-Chief | Creative Director | In-Depth Editor
Hey, I’m Bernadette and I’m a senior! I'm the Editor-in-Chief and the Creative Director of The Spectrum. I also edit In-Depth pages. In the past, I have edited both Arts and Culture and Opinions sections. Last semester, I was the editor and leader for the Features section. I started Spectrum at the beginning of my freshman year and continued to be a staff writer until the end of my sophomore year. During my time as a staff writer, I wrote articles, created graphics, and took photos. Since starting Spectrum, I have always loved it. Being able to write about topics I am passionate about and interested in was an amazing experience. One of my favorite things about Spectrum is talking to and meeting new people through interviews and collaborations. 

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