Hydration is Key in HTLP, Different Water Bottles Provide Varying Benefits


Betsy Fries

Science teacher Kjirsten Walt says, “With [COVID-19], I bring my water bottle so that I can stay localized to this side of the building as much as possible, and I am always trying to increase my water intake day to day. I recently got a Hydro Flask water bottle – the largest kind – and I really like the boot it has on it, so that it doesn’t clang against the table when you set it down. With Covid in mind, my favorite water bottle is actually called Owala, because it has a straw top that is also covered, so you never have to touch the straw.

Catherine Barry, Editor Emerita

Bella Suk ‘22 shares, “I usually bring my Nalgene water bottle to school. I also have a smaller one, two large ones with wide mouths, and a large one with a smaller mouth. I prefer the large water bottle – it is probably 24 ounces – with the smaller mouth because I get thirsty and I find it easier to drink out of. I love my Nalgene water bottles. I bring water bottles to school because the drinking fountains are closed because of [COVID-19] and it’s nice to have it readily available throughout the day.”
Evan Rechelbacher ‘21 explains, “I bring a water bottle to school because we are in hybrid. The water fountains are closed so bringing a water bottle is the only way to get water during the day. I usually bring my black Kleen Kanteen water bottle, but today I brought my Takeya. I like it to keep with me throughout the day so I don’t have to go to the lunch room to fill it up or anything like that.”