Everything You Need to Know When Planning the Perfect Picnic

Variety of different cuisines, activities, and materials needed to host a successful picnic

Molly Seidel, Staff Writer

As the weather becomes increasingly warmer, picnic season draws closer. Picnics are a great way to spend quality time with friends and family in a safe and fun way. Whether the picnic is impromptu or heavily themed and planned it is a sure way to get some fresh air and great pictures.

The first step to going on a picnic is to choose a beautiful, sunny day. Next, gather the materials. A blanket to sit on, some pillows, utensils, and a basket are musts for the best picnic experience. An important decision to make is what kind of cuisine is wanted. Take-out Italian food or homemade ham sandwiches? This part is fully up to the preference of the picnic-goers. Fun drinks are also essential for a pretty picnic. Smoothies, coffee, or lemonade are all fun options that will compliment any picnic theme.

The next important decision is the location for the picnic. A beautiful view adds a lot to the picnic experience. Parks, lakes, and backyards are all fun and accessible locations for a great picnic. Wherever the location, it is crucial to have a flat surface to rest the blanket on. Music adds a lot to the ambiance of a picnic. It is very useful to create a picnic playlist ahead of time to ensure the best music is playing for the picnic. Although there are many ways to create the ideal picnic, a picnic is really made whole by fresh air, great food, and pleasant company.