Hawaiian Poke Bowls Delight

Mix of healthy, delicious, fresh ingredients

Ava Gilbert, Staff Writer

Poke Bowls have become a popular dish that is trending right now. The word poke is Hawaiian and it means to slice or to cut. Poke is usually referring to slices of raw marinated fish, similar to the kind you would find in sushi. Tuna or salmon are commonly used as the protein in poke bowls but there are a variety of other options such as grilled chicken. Along with the protein, some other key components in poke bowls include rice, vegetables, and all sorts of sauces.

My favorite place to get poke is Poke House & Tea Bar located in Plymouth. At this restaurant, there are signature bowls but you also have an option to build your own bowl which includes a wide variety of add-ins as well as toppings. I usually get white rice as my base with grilled chicken as my protein. I then like edamame and avocado with the sweet soy sauce, or yum yum sauce. To finish it off, I add crunchy noodles on top.

Overall my experience with this restaurant and poke bowls, in general, has been great. I love that you are able to add whatever you want to your bowl in order to get exactly what you want. I recommend poke bowls to anyone wanting to try something new and delicious.