Senior Class Mourns Loss of Traditions, Memories

Class of 2021 wished for more significant commemoration



Zoe Feldshon ‘21, Jack Crow ‘21, and Amanda Ward ‘21 sit in the senior lounge during block 3.

Jack Prince, Editor Emeritus

The point of traditions is to bring people of different backgrounds together over a shared love of an activity. A focal point of being a senior at Blake is less about the title and more about the traditions that come along with it. These traditions are so special because they help strengthen the community within the senior class while simultaneously acting as capstones on one’s high school experience.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many traditions that were unable to happen. Even though it is hard to miss out on traditions I was looking forward to for the past three years, I think it is vital to preserve the importance of these traditions for future senior classes. When protocols change, there are a few important ones that I encourage classes to participate in.

The first tradition is establishing class identity. Despite the pandemic, this is something the class of 2021 was able to incorporate. Typical beginning of the year traditions include painting the rock, coming up with a slogan, and the senior retreat. Tommy Pan ’21 says, “I really miss the senior retreat because I love my advisory and wish I had more opportunities to spend time with them.” These early-year traditions are significant for any other senior class because they help set a good tone both in and out of school for the year.

Another tradition I personally hope future classes recognize are larger events like prom or sports games. Although seniors weren’t able to attend prom, the event still holds its unique ability for the class to bond. Anika Hahn ’21 shares, “I’m really sad we didn’t get to do prom since it would’ve lifted spirits, but I understand because of COVID.” Without dances, seniors were still able to act as leaders within the community through sports games. Although “seniors attending games” isn’t an established tradition, I for one would love for classes to continue doing it because it builds and preserves school spirit.

Finally, traditions near the end of the year are some of the most special to graduating students. Yolanda Pauly ’21 explains, “I wish we did the senior clap-out because it’s just like a good end to our time at Blake, and I think [the Class of 2022] should look forward to it because it is a good capstone.”

When I’m no longer at the Upper School, I hope traditions like being clapped out or running around the school are preserved because not only do they give closure to one’s time at Blake, but also the solidify the seniors’ legacy.