The Search for Fun Summer Activities Begins

Students share their summer plans, advice


Submitted by: Martha Hughes

Martha Hughes ‘24 enjoys sailing as it is a great way to be active and spend time outside during the summer.

Zoey Ueland, Staff Writer

COVID-19 wreaked havoc on summer plans last year. From summer camps, to travel plans, event after event was taken off the calendar. However, 2021 offers a new experience for students, although not without its precautions.

 For students, summer camps offer a few week long break from everyday life. Jonah Yousha ‘24 attends Herzl camp every summer, a sleepaway camp located in Webster Wisconsin. Although his camp experience will be affected by the pandemic, he is excited to go back. When asked about COVID-19 precautions, he noted, “I think it’s going to be pretty safe there and they’re gonna be sanitizing a lot.” 

Aside from camp, summer jobs are another popular activity to keep students out of the humidity. Martha Hughes ‘24 worked at the Cottagewood General Store in Excelsior during the past summer and plans to continue this year. She noted that there were numerous precautions in place to help keep both workers and customers safe. Aside from her summer job Hughes states, “I’m going to a few big sailing things around the midwest which should be fun and I’m playing lacrosse right now for school and that’s about it!” 

Similarly, Pippa Pflaum ‘24 is involved in a few jobs this summer. She stated, “I’m working as an outdoor services person at this golf club and I’m working at Three Rivers Park as a park assistant which is kind of cool.” Although having two jobs on top of sports practices can be overwhelming Pflaum noted that the hours were “at my discretion.” For students with busy schedules this summer, finding jobs with fairly open hours like Pflaum did is ideal. Such jobs could include babysitting or lifeguarding. 

Other options for spending time in the summer, include participating in sports, volunteering and finding other extracurricular activities that fit your interests. Getting involved in sports doesn’t require participating in a team, going out with friends and passing a soccer ball around can be just as fun. In terms of volunteering the Community Service Board Committee started a google document full of volunteer opportunities ranging from building with Habitat for Humanity to volunteering at Learning in Style Food Shelf. 

Despite the rush to find activities for the summer , participating in anything that will make you happiest is the key, whether that is spending time out on the lake or volunteering with friends, the opportunities are endless.