Students Comment on Accuracy of Homework Free Weekends

Workload varies significantly from person to person

Homecoming weekend has been homework free in recent years; however, the accuracy of this label varies from student to student. When asked if she had received any assignments over the weekend, Tia Gnanapragasam ’25 stated that “I wasn’t specifically assigned homework to do over the weekend, although I did work on my biology paper.” She elaborates, “If I didn’t, I would’ve been kind of swamped this week.”

     Her fellow classmates Sarah Hsia ’25 and Lauren Lee ’25 corroborated her statement, concluding that they had similar situations. Hsia shares, “I didn’t work on [the biology paper] as much as I should have, and so now I feel like I have a lot more work to do.” Lee’s situation was slightly different; she shares, “I didn’t really work on my symbiosis paper over the weekend, and so my teacher moved the due date to next week.”

Every class that I take noted that we wouldn’t have homework over the weekend, and I didn’t.

— Will Nelson '24

     While the freshmen had what could be considered unassigned homework, Catherine Hardy ’23 reveals that she “did in fact have no homework over homecoming weekend, which was very surprising actually.” When comparing this year to previous years, she states that “in my past experience, most no homework weekends, besides spring break or long breaks, have actually had a little bit of homework.”

       The added free time students had over homecoming weekend, time usually spent on school work, was very well received. Nico Valiente ’23 contributes, “I liked it a lot. I had more time to relax rather than being consumed by the stresses of the everyday academic environment.” Hardy also enjoyed the extra free time, she adds, “I got to just relax and hang out with friends and do stuff that I wanted to do.”

It seems that the faculty at Blake was able to deliver on their promise of a homework free weekend, which ultimately led to a crowd of very happy high schoolers at the homecoming weekend festivities.