App Finch Benefits Mental Health

App interface, design promotes wellbeing

Amelia Bush, Arts & Culture Editor

There are plenty of apps out there all with intentions to help better the users life. There’s meditation apps like Headspace, advice apps like Co-Star, but one app that stands out is Finch. Finch is a mental health app that motivates the user to do positive things for their mental health through a cute customizable penguin. Every time the app is opened, a question pops up that asks you how you are doing. The user can click an emoji that best represents their mood and then the full app opens up. Each day you can set goals which consist of taking walks, giving compliments, cleaning up and much more.

There are also different sections of the app where there are more options to help with your mental health. The aid tab holds a collection of activities to help the user when they are in a tough place mentally, an act of kindness tab, soundscapes, movements, breathing exercises, quizzes, reflections, and journal prompts. Everything is saved to the app so you can go back and read through your past journals, see your quiz results, and look at how your check-ins have been recently. As previously mentioned, there is also a penguin. After completing a couple of activities, the penguin will gain energy and go on an “adventure.” The penguin will be gone for seven hours and in order to get it back faster, you have to do more activities. This helps the user have motivation for doing good things for themselves. When the penguin gets back it will tell a story about its adventures and you can have a quick conversation with it.

The bright color scheme makes it pleasant to look at, and the concept of the penguin is a fun motivator. Overall, anyone that wants to get into journaling, meditating, wants to help their mental health, will be able to find benefits in Finch.