New ‘Top Gun’ Exceeds Expectations

Immensely popular film lasts three months in theaters


Top Gun: Maverick

Thirty six years ago, the treasured and action-packed film Top Gun was released. After decades of persistent success and beloved, loyal fans, the long awaited sequel was finally released this May, breaking over a billion dollars in theaters. 

Tom Cruise returns to the Navy as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, only he’s thirty six years older. He is still testing the limits of danger and finding the need to fly in his own defiant way. The highly anticipated character Rooster, Goose’s son, is also introduced in the film. Played by Miles Teller, Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw is fully grown, following in his father’s footsteps all the way to Top Gun. After more than three decades in the Navy, Maverick, one of the best fighter pilots to ever fly, still hasn’t pushed past the rank of captain. He’s called into Top Gun to train the next generation of graduates, where he and Rooster are forced to come together on a special mission. 

Whether it’s the exciting thrills, the action-filled scenes, the unforgettable soundtrack, or the engaging character drama, Top Gun: Maverick is wildly entertaining and possibly one of my favorite movies. The flight sequences still prove to be incredibly gripping and mesmerizing. The bittersweet reunion between Maverick and Iceman (Val Kilmer), containing flashbacks and similarities between Goose and Rooster, are nostalgic and heart-warming yet also sad at the same time. Despite the bitterness, Top Gun: Maverick is also surprisingly funny. The tense but touching relationship between Rooster and Maverick brings just the right amount of humor into the film, and the scene of Maverick buzzing the tower one last time stays true to his rebellious and enjoyable character.

Even though I wasn’t born early enough to have waited thirty six years for the movie, Top Gun: Maverick was a long time coming and one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time, especially as a sequel. Although the plot may seem a bit similar to the original, it’s amazingly intriguing and moving throughout the entire duration. If you haven’t bothered to watch Top Gun yet, I highly encourage you to do so and I’m sure that you’ll love it too!