Can Scarves Replace Hoodies?

What better style to wear than scarves on an autumn day


Cooper Stegic

Some of Stegics’ different stylish scarves to wear this fall.

Eva Stegic, Columnist

As Autumn approaches, it is the perfect time to try new clothing items that you haven’t worn before, be it new boots, a sweater, a hat, or even a scarf! Although scarves are a great addition to one’s wardrobe due to the many different styles, why don’t we see people at Blake wearing them more often? Is this because we are indoors most of the time, not having to face the outdoors? Rossalyn Moore ‘25 says that she doesn’t wear scarves “because the school has weird temperatures.” Moore notes that “some [rooms] are very cold and others not,” which makes it difficult to gauge if she would want to carry around a scarf all day. Instead, she “find[s] it more efficient to bring a hoodie,” which is seen quite often, as they are easy to wear, and can be hung practically anywhere.

Although, the same goes for scarves: they can be taken off easily and be hung anywhere as well. Price Glover ‘24 agrees with Moore, saying that scarves are “obviously much more for aesthetic purposes than functionality,” although he would wear a scarf if it “had John Travolta’s face all over it because that would be fly.”

Maybe instead of reaching for your hoodie this Autumn, you could try something new and go for a scarf, they are easy to carry and can elevate your outfit with ease.