Which Soup is Soup-perior?

Wonderful winter snack divides students

Cleo Kilpatrick, Photo Editor


With the weather being cold, and the sun setting early, a nice cup of soup suits the winter season. I like to think there are two different types of soup. There’s brothy and creamy soup. Personally, my favorite is a creamy soup like chicken wild rice, corn chowder, or the classic tomato soup. Ellie Schifman ‘24 commented her favorite soup is tomato basil because she thinks, “It’s just so rich and creamy and with a good grilled cheese, it’s so good.” 

I taste-tested three different soups, two creamy and one brothy soup. The soups I tasted were tomato basil, creamy butternut squash, and chicken noodle. 

My favorite out of these was the creamy butternut squash. I was surprised that I liked this soup the most because I thought originally the flavor of the soup was going to be boring because butternut squash doesn’t have a super strong flavor. However, the creamy texture and flavor blended nicely together. 

My least favorite was the brothy chicken noodle because whenever I have chicken noodle soup it reminds me of being sick. When you’re sick, chicken noodle soup tastes great but other than that it’s pretty bland. 

Then the creamy tomato soup was delicious. I paired it with a grilled cheese sandwich and it tasted so good. Tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich are the ultimate comfort food for me. 

Cole Eckes ‘26 commented on his favorite type of soup, saying, “It depends because some soups are better with the broth and some are better with a creamy texture.” In the end, Eckes added, “I would have to go with brothy soup but chicken wild rice soup takes the win.” 

Jason Rotenberg