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30 Minute Lunch Negatively Impacts Eating Habits, Mental Health

30 Minute Lunch Negatively Impacts Eating Habits, Mental Health

Students frustrated with shortened lunchtime
Jackie Weyerhaeuser, Food Features Editor December 16, 2020

One of the toughest transitions to fully remote learning has been adjusting to the 30-minute lunch breaks. Students are upset that the daily lunch breaks can’t be longer. Payton Crosby ‘21 says,...

New Pfizer Vaccine Introduction Raises Questions

New Pfizer Vaccine Introduction Raises Questions

FDA approval excites large businesses, concerns others
Christopher Chen, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

In light of Pfizer recently initiating the distribution of new Covid-19 vaccines, rumors of such possibilities are slowly becoming more concrete and real.  Through months of extensive testing and research,...

Amazon's New Gaming Service Surprises Many

Amazon’s New Gaming Service Surprises Many

Unique features set it apart, excites streaming communities
Christopher Chen, Staff Writer December 7, 2020

Amazon just recently announced a groundbreaking new software concept called Luna. Rather than having to spend more time trying to download content and games, Luna makes it possible for individuals to play...

Why is Weather so Incredibly Unpredictable?

Why is Weather so Incredibly Unpredictable?

Climate change, other factors cause inconsistent weather
Allyson Jay, Staff Writer December 7, 2020

     The majority of people use weather apps and forecasts every day to follow the weather, but these forecasts almost always end up wrong. This causes everyone to question the accuracy and science...

President-elect Biden's New Environmental Action Plan Simplified

President-elect Biden’s New Environmental Action Plan Simplified

Ambitious goals are broken down into three main focuses
Jackie Weyerhaeuser, Food Features Editor December 7, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden’s climate plan can be summed up into 3 main focuses: environmental justice, clean energy, and new jobs. Biden has laid out how he hopes to achieve these goals and specific benchmarks...

Stock market tracker apps are used by many to monitor their stocks easily and efficiently.

Stock Market Begins to Recover After Record Lows

After taking a toll due to the pandemic, the stock market is on the rise
Christopher Chen, Contributing Writer November 6, 2020

In light of President Trump recently contracting the COVID-19 virus, many concerns and questions have been raised on whether or not the stock market would significantly rise or fall as an important actor...

Lillygreen uses a muted colors aesthetic to customize her home screen with the help of the iOS update.

iOS 14 Update for iPhones

What's new?
Allyson Jay, Contributing Writer November 6, 2020

Apple has recently released a new and major iOS update, iOS 14. This current update allows everyone to customize and redesign their home screen for the first time, along with many other additional features....

Anna Reid’s set up in her classroom consists of three devices: her computer, her phone, and a monitor that all display different parts of the Zoom.

Teachers Adapt Teaching Styles to Accommodate for Remote Learners

Many found that using more technology helps students to stay engaged
Nora Fox, Features Editor October 1, 2020

Technology has played a new role in the classroom this year by integrating remote learners with those who are learning in-person, which has caused teachers to learn to adapt and grow their teaching styles...

Many saw the red sun that appeared in the sky a few weeks ago, as a result of the California wildfires.

California Wildfires Cause Billion Dollar Damage, Electrical Shortages

More problems arise that the State isn't ready for due to raging fires
Christopher Chen, Contributing Writer October 1, 2020

As the wildfires emblaze northern regions of California, firefighters continue to struggle to establish containment of the rapidly spreading fires in the past few weeks. It is estimated that almost 1.1...

The Aamoth Stadium lays empty during this time

Cancellation of Spring Season Leads to Plans for Summer, Impacts Recruitment

Athletes speak out as to how quarantine has affected their scouting and off season plans
Catherine Barry, Food Features Editor May 23, 2020

Among all the chaos that has come with the outbreak of COVID-19, student-athletes whose sports are in the spring are devastated that they won’t have a season due to the close contact and high risk of...

All of the ingredients of the chocolate chip mint smoothie in the cup before getting blended (left) and the smoothie blended together (right).

Protein Packed & Energizing Breakfast Ideas

These healthy breakfasts will keep you feeling awake and sharp in the morning
Nora Fox, Arts and Culture Editor May 22, 2020

Breakfast can make or break your morning and even your day. Without the proper nutrients, you may find yourself feeling tired and lazy. So, it’s vital to eat a protein-packed, energizing breakfast to...

The finished cut and cooked pasta mixed with pesto.

Making Homemade Pasta and Pesto Proves to be Laborious yet Rewarding

Though making pasta and pesto is no easy feat, the experience was worth the extra effort.
Jackie Weyerhaeuser, Staff Writer May 17, 2020

I’ve never made homemade pasta before, so this was a very interesting experience. It was going well until it came time to roll out the pasta. I don’t have a pasta roller, so I had to do it by hand....

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