Merry Wives of Windsor Cast List

Maxine Whitely, Student Life Editor

The cast list for The Merry Wives of Windsor was up at 3:00 p.m. today, but here is everyone’s roles if you didn’t get a chance to snag a glance earlier today!

Visitors to Windsor for the summer:

Sir John Falstaff: George Vojta

His followers:

Barndolph: Sebastian Moller

Pistol: Sam McCallum

Nym: Will Kaback

Robin, Falstaff’s page: Kaeli Patchen

Residents of Windsor:

The Merry Wives’ Households:

Mistress Alice Ford: Megan Olson

Master Frank Ford: Adam Denoyer

Mistress Margaret Page: Alexandra Peterson

Master George Page: Charlie Haakenson

Anne Page, their daughter: Jamieson Werling

Wooers of Anne Page

Master Fenton, a gentleman: Tim Dooley

Master Abraham Slender, a school teacher: Ben Barry

Doctor Caius, a French physician:Thomas McManus

Citizens of Windsor:

Sir Hugh Evans, a Parson from Wales: Jonah Sandy

Robert Shallow, Esq, Justice and Slender’s Uncle: Alex Feldmen

Peter Simple, factotum to Slender: Mark Gustaferro

Mistress Quickly, housekeeper to Dr. Caius: Kelsey Myers

Jane Rugby, factotum to Quickly and Dr. Caius: Dharani Persaud

The Garter Resort Personnel:

The Host, Owner of the Garter Resort: Tate Spencer

His staff:

Kate: Alisha Litman-Zelle

John: Joe Owens

Robert: Jack Tieszan

Staff: Gabe Cohn

Staff: Calvin Rusley

Staff: Ryann Whitely

Staff: Annelise Ellingboe

Staff: Madison Ethen

Staff: Allie Clark

Staff: Brianna Pomonis

Congratulations to everyone who is participating in the Merry Wives of Windsor!