Club profile: National Art Honor Society


inding a way to be fashionable and unique on graduation day with the solid blue uniform can be tricky, but there may be a solution for you yet. It may be as simple as participating in NAHS.

     For those of you who may not know, NAHS stands for National Art Honor Society and that is exactly what this club explores: art. This student lead organization “encourages you to be interested in art” according to Emma Wellik ‘16.

     But more than that, this club is about helping you find your place within your community and exploring your identity. Out of personal experience, John Flanagan ‘14, who joined the club his junior year, states that NAHS is “a great way to connect everyone in the community” and that “it threw those grade boundaries to the wind.”

     Each year there are several “art crawls” where NAHS takes a bus downtown to the Northrup King Building to check out artists’ lofts with a pit stop at Cossetta’s along the way. Flanagan says that the art crawls “build our own awareness of art, expand our boundaries, [and help us] learn what people are doing within the cities.” Examples such as Art-A-Whirl and Art Attack can give you a whole new way to get out and explore the beloved city of Minneapolis.

     Another aspect of NAHS is its galleries. This year, the displays within the Martha Bennett Gallery have been put into the hands of John Flanagan and Amy Juang ‘16.  Each connect with teachers and students to display art from individuals and groups such as Studio Twelve, CSB and the Blake Collect which helps to link teachers, students, alumni, parents and the entire Blake Community togethScreen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.18.39 PMKira Leadholm
er. Flanagan says they are “constantly trying to think of new things to spotlight.”

     Wednesdays, during TASK in the printmaking room, is when this groups of students, along with the delighted Brian Sago, meet to discuss topics such as the homecoming t-shirts and buttons. During this time there is such a chill and inviting environment which makes this club the perfect hang out place and where, in the words of Liza Smirnitsky ‘16, you can “just speak your mind.” This is the perfect opportunity for freshmen and sophomores to begin learning how to be leaders and integrate into the new school environment.

     Any art related shows or galleries that you attend to can be posted onto the Facebook group where you will then receive points. Presumably the goal is to reach 10,000 points where you then receive a rainbow graduation tassel, perfect for accentuating your individual graduation style.

     Sago states that “points are just so arbitrary” and “it’s very achievable.” Rather than making art seem daunting, this club teaches self-motivation and furthers your interest to explore your community here in Minnesota.