A trip into the world of animals

Spending the afternoon in the company of local critters yields unforeseen realizations

Ducks inspecting some seed

I open the doors of the school and walk outside—possessing only a plastic bag filled with seeds, nuts, and a camera. Soon I arrive to find a spoon that is bigger than me topped with cherry. Singular groups of people photobomb the art-work. Scripted ground turns to grass as I come across an evenly spaced sapling garden that is raining green leaves.The city rings as I lastly look at the bells. Continuing I cross the Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge reading the poem that takes me to a different world. Trees stand tall and numerous.

To no avail I try to tempt down the squirrels with nuts. I immediately recognize a black dot as The Black Squirrel. Standing there with a heavy bag of nuts on my shoulder I try to tempt the darkest thing in the park closer, and I do. Next, the brown squirrel runs up the tree, dragging the bag of nuts and compromising to only take a white plastic mustache from the bag. I pick up the contents of the spilled bag and decide to move on. I cross another bridge, this one smaller and more humble in appearance.

The ducks seem to not care about their busy soundings, they sit clustered together and ignoring the people walking by. I walk towards them until I am only yards away; the ducks start to back up. The seed I throw sprinkles down like tiny hail and the ducks flock towards me—no longer caring of my presence. The ducks crowd their meal peek out of the windows of space still left. The ducks peck quickly at my hand not harming me and not fearing me.

When I have to go back to our world I dump out the seed bags and walk back. The squirrels and ducks stand waiting for another person to visit their world. Do not worry if the animals will like you, because if you fill those empty piles they will love you.