Engaging all senses in art

Synesthesia uncovered in Martha Bennett Gallery exhibition


Averi Sullivan, Staff Writer

Synesthesia: a condition in which one sense or part of the body is simultaneously perceived by one or more additional sense. Another form of synesthesia joins objects – letters, shapes, numbers,  names – with a sensory perception such as smell, color or flavor. Bill Colburn explains, “When you see green, you taste lettuce! You’re experiencing two senses at the same time.”  So, what is it like exactly to feel purple and see salty?

C.C. Lucas ‘17 begged this question to nearly all of the Blake community when she proposed an art show based on synesthesia to the faculty. Thrilled about the idea, Lucas got almost an immediate approval.

For the past month, over fifteen pieces have been submitted students and teachers of the Blake Lower, Middle, and Upper School. Each of the works are centered around the theme of synesthesia and its representation through art.

Alongside Lucas, Katerina Papanikolopoulos ’17 and the Bennett Gallery Curatorial team, which consists of six other Blake students, worked around the clock to prepare this art show. It officially closes December 2, so make sure to check it out before the end of this week.

While the show is coming to a close, it’s not the last time this year for anyone to participate. Colburn acknowledges, “The Curatorial Committee will be announcing a late winter show and a spring show. There will be announcements about what can be submitted to them. They’re inviting the community to submit work.”

Anyone can get involved in these exhibits. Be inspired, find your niche, go out into the world and explore anything that interests you, because like Lucas, you could be the next to create something amazing.