From east coast prep to Sunday evening casual

Students cultivate their aesthetic through arts and culture

Save for some caveats, Blake students are free to wear whatever they want.  As a result, distinct styles have formed in the school, from east-coast prep, to Sunday evening casual.  

Reece Sanders ‘17, who cites his mother as his main stylistic inspiration, has always had an affinity for smart-wear. “I remember in kindergarten wearing a sport coat to picture day and everybody thought I was weird,” he said, donning . ”I think it’s just a nice way to express yourself and dressing nice I usually feel better on test days. ” Of course, Sanders is human like anyone else, and can be found in “a sweatshirt and sweatpants during exam week.” However, for a good old-fashioned confidence boost, you can find him in his natural chic state. “If I wanna feel good about what I’m doing…I’ll dress up.”

His aesthetic is highly personal, defying conventional labels. “I wouldn’t say [my style is] preppy, because that implies Vineyard Vines. It’s my own style where I always have flashy socks and a good pair of shoes and just a nice shirt that you can put a sweater with. A lot of kids don’t understand that kind of style yet, so it’s nice to have it.”

On the other hand, Tenzin Choezin’s ‘17 style is cultivated from a number of sources. “My house, my friends, my family, my cousins and all that, those all definitely play a part in what I wear.” Even sports play a role in his look, which would explain the soccer-esque uniform he was wearing.

Much like Sanders, Choezin’s fashion sense can’t be easily defined. In fact, Choezin described his taste as “formal but casual.” If you ever see him walking through the halls, see if you can spot him in his signature style, “sambas with high ankle socks, that’s the key thing I really notice in myself.”  

Zoe Wellik ‘19, looks to pop culture to inform her tastes. “I like movies a lot, especially old films. I really enjoy Lauren Bacall on the screen, Judy Garland and many French singers and actresses.” Art also plays a role, with paintings influencing her appearance. In addition to impressionism, she points to, “Mary Cassatt, [an artist who] did a bunch of paintings of mothers with their children. I gained a lot of inspiration from those because my mom would put those around the house when we were younger.”

She views her look as “kind of preppy, [and] definitely 1940s and 1950s inspired. I like pearls, plaid skirts and kilts.” For Wellik, fashion is a critical feature of creative expression.“I think that the way that you dress for anyone is the way that you express yourself in art, whether you do that consciously or unconsciously. It’s always something that makes an impression on people and shows who you are.”