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September 16, 2016

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer

  1. Legacy Day: For convocation during Legacy Day this year various stories and poems will be shared. For one of the poems a member from each grade has a line to speak. One of the main goals is to make Legacy Day more welcoming
    towards younger students.
  2. Forum Election: New Forum members include: for 9th graders  Joe Guastaferro ‘20, Rosa Gerdts ‘20, and Rohan Ajmani ‘20.
  3. CJB Elections: New CJB members include for 10th grade Addison Anderson ‘19, Isabella Wu ‘19, 11th grade: Josie Lagerstrom ‘18, and for 12th grade: Melina Donnelly and Bennett Mattson 17.
  4. CJB Club Overview: CJB is composed of eight students who serve two terms and two faculty members. CJB does not only handle cases of academic dishonesty but student violations as a whole. Last years, changes to the CJB’s function outline include allowing students to request a hearing, a student and faculty co-chair, having a written summary of cases to forward to the administration office, and lastly parent’s are not allowed in student hearings. The idea of having a 9th grade CJB representative was talked about, but pushed aside for a latter meeting.
  5. Club Handbook: The Club Handbook is being sent out to faculty advisor of clubs to revise the club’s description, new student leaders, and frequency of meeting. To make the handbook more accessible a library copy was proposed, along with a digital copy.  
  6. French Club: The french club is designed to keep students interest in French. The club is for all students, but more specifically those who finished AP French and would like to stay versed in the language for college. The club would talk about current events in France, along with viewing French movies, and going to French restaurant. The club meets every Monday during tutorial. French club was approved and starts this week.

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