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October 10, 2016

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer

  1. Student Alumni Connection Board: The Student Alumni Connection Board was proposed. This club provides a platform to connect alumni to students at blake. The club hopes to show the diversity of career choices students have by interviewing and talking with alumni. The club would also have a blog updating the student bodies on particularly intriguing career paths alumni have followed. The club consists of representatives from each grade selected by grade deans. In the future there will be an application process to elect representatives. The club was approved, and will start meeting this week.
  2. Ice Cream Truck: The ice cream truck last Friday was a major success and will continue in the spring. Revisions include having the truck come on Monday, when we don’t have dessert.
  3. Forum’s Website: Forum’s website was proposed. The website would cost $70-140, but closer to 70$. Whether or not the website would have a lot of traffic was debated, and with that, the necessity of the website. The website would inform the student body of the proceedings of Forum’s meetings.  

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  4. Fall Fest: Fall Fest is planned to be the week before Halloween. This year possible activities include a cotton candy machine, a scavenger hunt, basketball and four square in the gym, a movie, and maybe a kickball tournament.  

Canvas Feedback: Some students have expressed feedback on the Canvas website. Students are enjoying submitting homework online and the calendar format. A negative though is a lot of teachers having different methods for posting homework. Some teachers post homework on the day that it’s due, while others post on the day it’s assigned. It was suggested just to wait a month or two until teachers get a hang of Canvas. If in a couple months posting homework on Canvas is still confusing, Forum will present an assigned format for Canvas posts during a faculty meeting.