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November 18, 2016

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer

Biodegradable Utensils: The idea of having biodegradable utensils was proposed during this week’s Forum meeting. Having biodegradable utensils would allow students to take their lunch out of the lunchroom for a club meeting or if they just don’t enjoy eating in the lunchroom. Some problems with biodegradable utensils are people using them when they are eating in the lunchroom, and having people leave food around the school. The school will start providing disposable forks and spoons in the coming weeks. Forum planned to make some posters near the biodegradable utensils to remind student that the utensils are for club meetings only. Forum also talked about ways to address that most people use the portable cups inside the lunch room.

When you use portable containers from the lunchroom, do you use them in the lunchroom?

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Study Rooms: Due to recent events, the administration has locked the study room underneath the Carlson Commons. The study rooms will be opened when the administration finds a way to supervise the rooms. Some of the proposed ideas to supervise the study rooms was video camera, having supervisors for the rooms, or having sign in if you want to use the rooms. Forum plans to make an announcement informing the student body that Safari Steve is watch the study rooms closely.