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December 2, 2016

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer

  1. Academic Honesty: Forum planned to make an announcement during assembly to update the student body on Blake’s policy on cheating.
  2. Blood Drive: Last Friday’s blood drive had 32 people sign up and 25 donate. One problem with the blood drive is some people get turned away because of Iron deficiency.
  3. Deca: Deca would like funding for the district competition. The district competition for Deca is where club members get to show their work. This is really what the club has been working for. It cost $35 per person to go to the district competition, $15 per ticket and $20 for the banquet. The club leader Justin Gainsley ‘18 is sending Joe Ruggiero a list of students participating and the necessary funds for Mr. Ruggiero to accommodate for. Forum can not directly help Deca due to the lack of funds.
  4. Freshmen on CJB: Freshmen on Forum feel that having Freshmen on CJB would be a nice change to Blake’s current system.

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    Some problems voiced from having freshmen CJB representatives is 25% of the freshman class is new, and that sophomores and upperclassmen know what it’s like to be a freshman and can emphasize with freshmen who come to CJB. The idea of asking the freshmen if they think having a freshman representative in CJB would be a good idea was mentioned. In the end Forum decided to meet with CJB to get more input.
  5. Compostable Utensil: A sub-committee was formed to receive feedback on the new compostable utensil lead by Sam Gelb ‘18.