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November 4, 2016

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer

Fall Fest: Fall Fest was a success with students enjoying both the donuts and being let out of study hall. Some ways to improve Fall Fest for next year might be to increase student turnout for the costume contest and have more activities.

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Missing School: Teachers have expressed that the two day break due to the water pipe breaking demonstrated some problems with online school. Student’s need to be more aware of teacher’s assignments so that they complete what was assigned. On the other hand, teachers should post assignments in a timely fashion so that students would have had time to complete them. Forum wants to create a procedure for snow days in order to prevent some problems that students and teachers have expressed.

Next Tuesday’s Election: Next Wednesday as tradition would have it the student body is watching the Presidential Inauguration Address. With the presidential candidates having extremely different beliefs the outcome of the election could be a heated subjected. Forum plans to make an announcement refreshing the student body of how to successfully conduct civil discourse.