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October 28, 2016

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer

Chess Club: Chess The Club was approved and will start this week. The club meets fridays after school and the faculty advisor is Steve. Kaback. The Chess Club would practice weekly, and participate in local tournaments along with the two state tournaments offered. The club would have approximately 10 members and is equipped with leaders for following year. To register the team would cost $30 and will be funded by members. It cost $30 per player to participate in tournaments. Financial aid will be provided for people who can’t afford the participation fees.

Fall Fest: Due to the water line incident the Fall Fest committee couldn’t meet so Fall Fest will contain less activities than planned. Still, donuts, hot chocolate, movies in the JNA will be offered. The movie will be Disney or Halloween themed. The costume contest will continue as planned.

Blake Asset Management: The Blake Asset Management Group has around 15 members and meets on Monday during TASC. Mr. Saber, an owner of a private equity firm and father of  Connor Saber ‘17, advises the club with monthly updates. The club has raided 7,000 dollars from parent donations. Members of the club along with Mr. Saber make recommendations of what to invest in. Then the school board provides a final say on where the money is invested. Each year the money goes back into the club or is placed in The Scholarship Fund.

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