Forum’s Forum

October 13, 2016

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer

  1. The Club Handbook: The Club Handbook will be released to club advisors and faculty members who have requested to see it. Some clubs have not responded to Forum’s request for an updated description, so Forum plans on keeping past years descriptions. Clubs that no longer exist have been deleted. The new electronic copy will allow for future changes to club description.
  2. Electronic Elections: Electronic elections were proposed for next year. Having voting online would make the election more efficient and increase voter turnout, but the planning is rather complicated and could take a long time. Kincaid O’Neil ‘17 has agreed to help create the voting system later in the year.
  3. SIAC Fall Fest: SIAC plans on having Fall Fest around Halloween. Fall Fest needs funds, and unfortunately Forum doesn’t have any, so SIAC along with maybe some help from the Parent Association will help fund Fall Fest. An announcement for Fall Fest is planned for a week from now during assembly. A sub-committee was formed between Forum and SIAC members to plan Fall Fest and organize funding.
  4. Advisory: The idea of having advisors along with the members of the advisory choose the activities as opposed to assigned activities was proposed. Having customized activities would work towards helping advisories maximize the small time they spend together. This topic was tabled for a later date.