UPDATING STORY: Water line breaks, no classes for two and a half days

Check here for updates on the situation at the Upper School


Emily Johnsrud

The hole dug by construction workers on Tuesday for water main repares flooded with water from the domestic pipeline.

UPDATING STORY: more information is being added throughout the week.

10/ 25: The Upper School lost power around 11 a.m. on Tuesday the 25 of October. There was no running water and no internet, so students were released from school. A water line broke near the front of the school on Kenwood Parkway, and a large sink hole developed.

10/ 25: Classes are now cancelled for Wednesday, October 26 due to the ongoing effects of the water line break. Still no electricity and no running water. Students are having a virtual day, and they are to be visiting their Canvas pages for instructions. Blakeschool.org is where alerts are also being released about school cancellations.

10/26: Classes are officially cancelled for Thursday, October 27. The emergency voicemail sent to students of the Upper School said that the fire alarm system is also down, meaning that regular classes and activities cannot occur on campus. Another virtual day scheduled for Thursday. The message on blakeschool.org reads, “Unfortunately, circumstances beyond Blake’s control have required this closure.”

10/26: Open Mic Night has been postponed to November 11 due to this week’s interruptions.

10/27: School is on for tomorrow, Friday, October 28. However, there will be bag lunches since the domestic–drinking–water line is still down.