Gender Sexuality Alliance petitions Supreme Court

Ben Cady, the advisor for the club, poses in front of an LGBTQ+ pride flag.

Josie Lagerstrom

Ben Cady, the advisor for the club, poses in front of an LGBTQ+ pride flag.

Josie Lagerstrom, Features Editor

     The Gender and Sexuality Alliance is writing an Amicus brief, a document filed by someone not involved with a case but with a strong interest in the matter, that adds additional information or arguments that the court might consider. Their brief will be sent to the Supreme Court in support of Gavin Grimm, a teenager in Virginia fighting to use the bathroom of his affirmed gender.

     Ben Cady, Social Studies teacher and advisor for the G.S.A, says “I am going to write my observations both running G.S.A and seeing what the lives are like for transgender students here. It’s not a big deal, there really haven’t been any issues.”

       JJ Kahle, Spanish teacher, says that “our school, three years ago, converted formally men’s and women’s multi stall bathrooms and we opened them up to the community. It just makes us a better place. We are already doing what Gavin Grimm has to fight for.” Because Gavin Grimm is fighting for the right to use whichever bathroom aligns with his affirmed gender, it is important for the Blake community to explain the success of the inclusion of the all-gender bathrooms. Cady says that “This hasn’t caused any distraction, if this is positive for even one student then it will be positive for many.”

     Although the Amicus brief from Blake is not going to change the decision of the Supreme Court, it’s important that the Blake community and many other schools share their positive experiences with openly trans students.

     Kahle says that, “I  hope that we can use the privilege of our voice to stand up for what we have already fought for.”

     Cady reiterates the message of hope,  “This keeps me from feeling powerless, I can show these students that this is what I believe and this is what is important to me. I am very hopeful.” G.S.A is still meeting during both lunches on Fridays and is open to every student.