A Capella Choir Vice Presidents announced for 2018-2019 school year

Jack Prince, Sci-Tech Editor

The A Cappella Choir is an all gender advanced choir at the Blake Upper School. Each year, 2 representatives are chosen to lead various activities in the choir. These positions are the Vice Presidents. All 36 members of the A Cappella Choir select their top 2 candidates that they would want to see filling this role. The two that have the most votes get to hold the position.

One week ago, Landon McDermott ‘19 and Madeline Wethington ‘19 were selected to be the Vice Presidents of the A Cappella Choir. In this role, they will be carrying out the responsibility of providing a treat(s) for each person in the choir upon their request on the day of their birthday, as well as help the Choir Director, Mr. Henschel, maintain a good class environment throughout the school year.

Looking forward to the coming year, McDermott states, “It’s a lot of responsibility. I’m going to try to put as much effort as I can into the role!” Adding on to McDermott, Wethington says, “I’m looking forward to making a positive impact on the Blake choral department by being a supportive, inclusive, and friendly face. I’m excited for Landon and I to continue traditions already in practice but to also create new ones of our own.

Both students are looking forward to the coming year in A Cappella Choir and are striving to make it enthusiastic and fun for everyone in the ensemble.