Legacy Day changes location due to construction

Will Rosenblum

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This year’s Legacy day will differ in structure because of the construction on the Hopkins campus.  

Legacy day, an annual event at the beginning of each year where grades one through twelve come together to complete various service activities, is usually held solely at the middle and lower school. This year, though, we will all go to different campuses according to color: brown at Highcroft, green and blue at Hopkins, and white at Northrop.

We will have our own student-led convocations which will still include all the chants and cheers of a regular Legacy Day but will not include musical performances or faculty speeches.  In addition, the school is partnering up with The Sierra Leone for New Democracy organization.

Each Legacy day group will be matched up with 2-3 kids from Mondma, a village in Sierra Leone, making personalized banners for the kids and a book which will contain one page from each member of the legacy day group that is made about the member.

Lisa Sackreiter and Kristin Stouffer, those who headed the changes, aim to keep the spirit of Legacy Day while we are apart from each other. One of the ways they plan to do this is with this year’s theme, cultivating connections, Sackreiter says, “We are cultivating connections across campuses, and we are also cultivating connections with the kids in Sierra Leone.”  

Students have high hopes for what this years legacy day will bring. Kunga Shide Chokra ‘22 says that, “It is good because we get to connect with people that we won’t get to all year even with all these roadblocks stopping us from being together.