Newly chartered Drawing at Dawn Club seeks members


The  Drawing at Dawn club is hoping to build membership and spread the of message of inclusivity in the arts.  Maddy Florida ‘20 entered Blake in ninth grade from Central Middle School in Eden Prairie. There, she greatly enjoyed the teacher-run art club that gave her a place to relax. Florida realized that Blake lacked the opportunity to do art in an extracurricular context, and started the Drawing at Dawn club in partnership with the Art Honors Society as a response. Maddy wanted to create a club where everyone is welcome to draw, hang out, and express themselves.

The Drawing at Dawn club commenced last year and had a decent turnout, resulting in Forum chartering the the club this year. The Drawing at Dawn club meets every Friday at 7:30 am in Mr. Colburn’s room. Every meeting is non-mandatory and supplies and snacks are always available. However, many students stop by just to relax. Going forward, the club hopes to expand the club’s influence beyond their small group. Florida said, “People think they are not good at art so they can’t join an art club, but everyone is good in their own way and this club is just a fun place to hang out and make art.”