Chicken and Waffles: Revival’s Got It Down

A look into all of the newfound hype surrounding this popular restaurant


Zachary Slavitt, Sports Editor

When I first walked into the crowded restaurant I had heard so much about, I immediately realized that all of the hype for Revival was warranted. I could tell from the smell of the restaurant and the appearance of the food on other customers’ faces, that this would become a restaurant among my favorites. 

My first time eating there was over the summer and since then I have already been back several times.

The first time I was there, I wasn’t quite sure how it worked as there was no hostess and no reservations, and a few people were just sitting around waiting. This went on for a few confusing minutes, but eventually someone came out from the kitchen and as people finished their meals and left, we were seated. 

My experience at Revival exceeded my expectations. My favorite dish was the Tennessee hot chicken and waffles. The Tennessee hot version of their fried chicken is the spicier counterpart to the regular southern fried version. I found that the sweetness and soft texture of the waffles perfectly countered the spicy and crispy chicken. 

 Overall, I highly recommend revival and encourage anybody to go try it. I’d give it a 9.2 out of 10 with the only drawbacks being that it is a bit expensive and their can be a fairly long wait.