Ben & Jerry’s Speaks Out, Corporate Activism


Mackenzie Higgins, Staff Writer

Ben & Jerry’s is well known not only for its ice cream but also for its activism. In 1985, Ben & Jerry’s created the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation to fund organizations in Vermont and around the world that are fighting for progressive social change. Through the foundation, Ben & Jerry’s is able to commit 7.5% of its pretax profits to philanthropic causes annually. Some of the causes that Ben & Jerry’s support include racial justice, criminal justice reform, voting rights, climate justice, and LGBTQ+ rights. They are very vocal about these causes and often post spreads on social media that provide information to their followers. 

Back in May 2020, Ben & Jerry’s issued a 700-word statement in response to the killing of George Floyd. Unlike other companies who also responded, Ben & Jerry’s included a four-part plan to dismantle white supremacy. The plan called on former President Trump and other elected officials to stop using aggressive tactics on protesters and instead disavow white supremacists. They also called on Congress to pass H.R. 40 legislation that would study the effects of slavery and then recommend some sort of fitting reparations for black citizens. This is only one example of many of how Ben & Jerry’s has fought for important causes within our nation.

The way in which someone spends their money has often been considered a part of their free speech. By supporting Ben & Jerry’s, you are not only getting delicious ice cream but you are also funding the fight for a more equitable future.