Pinterest Provides Platform For Fall Fun

As the fall season rolls around, many people are settling into the cooler months by finding fall fashion trends, fall foods, and fall activities. Like always, social media users may turn to a reliable, fun app for inspiration: Pinterest.

Pinterest is an immensely popular social media app that uniquely features its content solely through images and short videos. Unlike Instagram or TikTok, Pinterest doesn’t include the “like” feature, so users are only able to create their own boards or comment and follow other accounts. Those who use the app are able to view, share, and save images and videos to pinboards, essentially “pinning their interests,” hence the name of the platform. 

This ability to organize images and videos into separate boards attracts many people like Kelly Dayton ‘22. Dayton explains, “I have a lot of different hobbies and I have a different board for each hobby that I get inspiration for.” Specifically among teenagers, Pinterest is known for creating aesthetics, spreading trends, and providing inspiration. The app’s variety of content through pictures is very appealing to the youth who seek inspiration or ideas for different things such as outfits, designs, things to do, foods to make, picture ideas, or certain aesthetics. Like other social media platforms, the app also customizes what each user sees according to their interests, so every user’s page is very personalized to suit the activity and likes of the person. 

Every fall, Pinterest users seem to be utilizing the app to look for fall-themed fashion, activities, and food. As Maia Schifman ‘22 puts it, “It makes me feel really festive for fall. It gives me sweater inspiration that I like so I might try and crochet a sweater this season.” More popular Pinterest ideas this year are fall-themed nails or pumpkin carving designs. For instance Dayton says, “…I have been influenced by Pinterest to make things.” For this year’s Halloween and like every other year, Pinterest was a great way to find inspiration for DIY costumes or activities since most of the app’s content is always trending and appealing to teenagers.