Frozen Pizza Competition: Digiorno Pizza Prevails

At-home pizza options can impress

Ethan Klaiman & Sawyer Guider, Contributing Writers

Digiorno Pizza does a stellar job proving that it is in fact not delivery, and its pizza holds it accountable to this title. We ate two pizzas, one being the Red Baron pizza which was severely outclassed by its counterpart, Digiorno. The Red Baron didn’t give us the same magical feeling during the process of its consumption as Digiorno. 

Not only does it severely outclass Red Baron in taste, but Digiorno also outclasses it in nutritional value. We enjoyed was the Digiorno pepperoni rising crust version of this top tier brand, which we much preferred to the the type of Red Baron classic crust pepperoni pizza. 

The Digiorno pizza was packed with protein, boasting nearly 26g of protein per fourth of the slice. On the other hand, Red Baron could not even compete with the amount of protein in Digiorno with it’s merely 15g of protein per fourth. Similarly, Digiono also proved to have healthier amounts of dietary fibers, sugars, sodium than Red Baron. 

Fasting for three hours prior, the experience of finally being granted with the sight of golden brown crust, followed by golden cheese, topped off with a tangy tomato puree brought tears to our eyes. On the other hand, the Red Baron pepperoni pizza was a waste of materials, energy and every other aspect needed to create it.

In conclusion, we have come to an agreement that Red Baron should instantly stop its production of pizza and Digiorno pizza should raise its production rate drastically. We rate Red Baron a 4/10 and Digiorno 10/10.