Nutritious Juice Chain Offers Flavorful Breakfast

Clean Juice, located in Nolan Mains, boasts variety of healthy foods

Rowan Wallin & Maggie Seidel, News Editor & Managing Editor

Clean Juice is a chain, health conscious breakfast, smoothie, and juice destination. Its 50 & France location just opened this fall. We ordered the Pink Cold-Pressed Organic Juice, Avocado Toast, and The Berry Bowl. 

While the juice bar location offered limited seating, an echoing room, and a cold interior, the juice products were healthy, tasty, and unique. The avocado toast was topped with lemon, olive oil, and chili flakes. The toast had a delicious assortment of seeds, and there was a gluten free toast option as well. The aÁaÌ bowl was topped with tasty, coconut granola and fresh fruit. The pink juice tasted like a healthy version of lemonade, with a touch of dragon fruit. 

Clean Juice’s Minnesota location has an address of 3943 Market St, Edina, MN.

If we were to return, we would certainly order the bowl, toast, and juices again; however, we would probably order them to-go.