Simple Bases with Personalized Toppings Offer Best Breakfast Before Big Day

Efficient, delicious meals to kick off your morning


Everyone has their specific foods they like and dislike. Some people like salty things, some like sweet. But in the morning before school sometimes there just isn’t enough time to eat those homemade crepes that you really want. This problem leads us to the question of what is a good before school breakfast? After interviewing several classmates it has become evident that there is not one specific breakfast food that tops all, but rather foods that fall into the specific category of easy to make. 

These breakfasts can include foods such as muffins and fruit that are easy to grab and go. Zoë Nutsford ‘22 states, “The Trader Joe’s apple and cinnamon microwave oatmeal, with the Trader Joe’s vanilla yogurt is my favorite.” in response to what her favorite before school breakfast was. Furthermore, another part of this category is not only foods that are easy to make, but also foods that offer different variations. “I like english muffins,” says Emma Sargeant ‘25 “You can put anything on english muffins and they’re easy to make.” Emma isn’t the only one who likes foods that can be easily topped with a multitude of condiments and flavors, as Imaan Ali ‘24 states, “My go-to breakfast is Eggo waffles with fruit and butter”. Eggo’s are a quick, easy and quick breakfast that can be made in a matter of minutes in the same way as oatmeal and english muffins.