Power Bowls Supplement Lunch

New station gives students further food options


Abbott Spiller ‘24 builds himself a power bowl featuring spiral pasta and ground pork with red sauce.

Sofia Perlman, Sci-Tech Editor

This year, Taher Corporate Chef Chris Loew brought the Power Bowl Station to the lunchroom. Located in between the two main lunch lines, the station offers an entirely different meal than what is on the menu for the day. It includes rice, some sort of protein such as tofu or chicken, and a vegetable like broccoli or green beans. Chef Mike Jost explains that “It’s all formulated to have a certain amount of grams of protein,” which is why the station uses small bowls rather than plates. Similar to the main meal, the food at the Power Bowl Station varies each day, ranging from Korean beef to pork and beans. Jost states that, “The idea is just to have…something else that is interesting and that is healthy.”

Many appreciate the added option of the station, Ellie Schifman ‘24 states, “I think the Power Bowl Station is nice because it gives you an extra option for what kind of food you want to eat if you don’t want to eat the main food option.” 

Yet, the Power Bowl Station is not unanimously loved, Frankie Vorbrich ‘24 says, “I don’t like the power bowl station because it replaced soup, and I really like soup.” However, Jost says that the lunchroom is planning on reintroducing soup to the daily menu “once it gets colder.”

I believe one area that can be improved is the variety within the Power Bowl Station options as the food offered can become repetitive from day to day. But overall, the Power Bowl Station provides students with increased variety for their lunches by expanding the options beyond the salad bar, sandwiches, and the main meal, something that should be greatly appreciated by the student body.