Sweet Snacks Prevail at Vending Machines

Sugary foods satisfy, provide energy

Raiden Chen, Staff Writer

What is the best vending machine item? Within vending machine items, there are three categories that you can buy from: sweet, savory, and gum. Sweets are the Sour Patches, Life Savers, Mike and Ikes, and more. Savory is the granola bars and wafers, and gum is gum

Each category has its own supporters, but by far, sweets are the most loved by the majority of students,  including myself. Out of the 20 people I asked, 16 liked items that are sweets the most, three liked savory, and one liked gum. James Lewis ‘26, one of the many who like sweets, says, “Sweets are the best, they hold me over for the class before lunch!” Layla Chakhvashvili ‘26 disagrees with this, Chakhvashvili is the sole gum supporter, arguing, “Gum is better, it last longer, and it is cheaper than all the other options.” Madeleine Hou ‘26 likes the savory, she says that “savory foods are always in stock because no one really likes them and they are more filling.” Every category has its benefits, sweets are a fan favorite, and everyone likes sugar and that is the main appeal. Savory foods are more filling and always in stock, the last category, gum, is long-lasting and the cheapest out of the three, coming in at one dollar compared to the two dollars and change of sweet and savory foods. In the end, it is up to personal opinion, but by far it can be seen that people love sweets much more than others, myself included. Sugar is simply addictive and it shows, sweets are the best.