The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

Combined Swim and Dive Team Collaborates

Combined Swim and Dive Team Collaborates

Maggie Seidel, Student Life Editor October 11, 2019

As the Blake Girls’ Swimming and Diving team dives into the water, Providence and Blake swimmers both sport the same swimcap. Despite their separation during their days at school, the team is incredibly...

Fine looks to score. She hopes to continue her success into college next year.

Athlete Spotlight: Ali Fine Shoots for Success

Lillian Anderson, Contributing Writer October 11, 2019

This month’s spotlight athlete Ali Fine ‘20 plays for the Blake Girls Varsity Soccer team, acting as a key member of the team both in spirit and in skill as one of their captains. She’s been playing...

Proposed Gun Control Measures Flawed

Proposed Gun Control Measures Flawed

Morgan Swigert, Contributing Writer October 9, 2019

One look at the news over the last several weeks will tell you that mass shootings in the United States are becoming more and more frequent. As a result, millions of Americans are calling for immediate...

Gun Control Performs Well Abroad

Gun Control Performs Well Abroad

Cole Matthews, Contributing Writer October 9, 2019

  Current United States gun laws are sorely out of date and ineffective. The US makes up under 5% of the global population, yet according to a 2012 study by Adam Lankford, they make up 31% of mass...

Gun Violence Surges in 2019

Gun Violence Surges in 2019

Daniel Lesov, Online Editor October 9, 2019

Using the mass shooting definition from the Congressional Research Service (the death or injury of 4 or more individuals), there have been a total of 1,548 casualties this year. 2019 is on track to have...

Classic Gyros Offer Striking Flavors

Catherine Barry, Sports Edior October 9, 2019

After trying Falafel King’s gyro, I was disappointed as to probably be expected from ordering a gyro from a falafel place. At first glance it looked like your standard, universal gyro including shaved...

A great example of a healthy lunch at Blake, which includes
tofu and spinach!

Getting Creative in the Lunchroom

Lachen Reid, Staff Writer October 9, 2019

Ask a Blake student to tell a joke about Blake, and most students will make fun of the lunches they eat every day in the Blake Café. While occasionally funny, jokes claiming that Blake does not have enough...

This piece encapsulates border and immigration problems. This piece states (b)y standing in the zone created by this drawing , and for the period you remain there, you declare and agree that you are a citizen of the United States of America.

Walker Art Center Exhibit Discusses Idea of Belonging

Bernadette Whitely and Emily Rotenberg October 3, 2019

The Walker Art Center, a modern art museum located in Minneapolis, recently opened a new exhibit titled I am you, you are too. This exhibit focuses on the works from the Walker Art Center's collection....

Food Features at State Fair

Sage Marmet, Food Features Editor September 27, 2019

Seniors Will Svendall 20, Sam Hykes 20, Gavin Best 20, and Henry Ericson 20 enjoy the senior lounge, which they have been waiting to use since freshman year

Ready to be Seniors: The Class of 2020

Everett Honour, Contributing Writer September 25, 2019

From a young age students picture themselves in their final year of school; throwing their grad-caps in the air, getting into their favorite college, not having a single worry in the world. These visionary...

Andersons Input

Anderson’s Input

Anderson Blum, Columnist September 25, 2019

For decades while China has been achieving incredible economic growth, observers have been wearily expecting the nation to reach its full potential and come head-to-head with the United States in the global...

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